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Hello this is Russell I live eat sleep work “Photography”.

Please check out our latest web site on BBQ Barbecue & Smoke Meats, if you love BBQ Ribs, then my FREE book on telling all recipes is for you.   Download in the shopping cart, is is free, no credit card or money necessary.

My most recent move is back to Medellin Colombia South America.     I am a professional photographer, traveler, author writer.   I have traveled to over 40 plus countries and then a few more taking images of just about everything. Shameful plug will help with my travel budget, published books on Amazon dot com of my world Travel Adventures, Travel Guides and Street Foods of the world, plus my first basics for guys Thai Cooking book, Hot Sauce and a BBQ Grilling books.  I am a decent cook [chef] with a few blog post on my favourite Asian cooking methods to check out on the blog. More killer Hot Pepper Sauce recipes and my famous BBQ pork rib methods and rib spice rub, I share with the world.

2016 Wine Tour of Argentina & Chile, Motorcycle ride in India or a Mountain Bike ride down the Death Road of Bolivia, all adventure to document in images & video.

My real speciality is in Photography with a minor in Food Photography to help accent my books.  Cinematography as been a second love since the DSLR added a switch on the back of my Canon 5D-7D to let us take and play with video has been a constant inspiration to improve in this side of creative photography too.

You looking for a great time in a speciality photography tour of the major sites “not to miss” along with eating at some of the best local restaurants and street side hole in the wall cafes, a fun time to explore the country side, look no further, you have arrived.  Book a tour, you will never forget, I mean that in a good way, you will be coming back for a second and third trip just to meet people and have fun on the trips.   THAILAND beaches,  COLOMBIA coffee, VIETNAM countryside tour,  ARGENTINA wine tasting and ITALY pizza tour,  are all on the tour list, drop a message see where we are going next.

Contact me personally for any question you may have.  AND Yes I shoot with Canon gear bring any camera you have is fine,  learn off camera flash too,  we can get you going in the right direction to be creative.  I give a mini class on the basic to get you going in Lighroom 5 as a bonus to the tour, after all when you return home you need to show off the images in perfect wow factor, right.

Canon Gear plus a limited about of Time Lapse gear using SYRP GENIE, system too, all yours to learn with too.

Russell Freeman




Russell Freeman on Google+!

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