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Berkeley Hot Dog Mission Viejo California taste review +Coke

Hello again gang, all you “Hot Dog” lovers of the world, time again for a tastie treat review by the master, me, the lover of all hot dogs on this planet.

My stop today is at a hot dog place that is famous and close to the campus of Berkeley University, non other in Berkley California.  They have recently opened a friend’s place in SoCal, that is, OC for Orange County California in the community of Mission Viejo, [google map it] if you have not heard of the MV in OC.

I first love hot dogs, hum !! any kind with all the goodies, so I was looking forward to this review and a bit on the good side looking forward to what I remember & know, living in the Bay Area, Berkeley Dog’s of Berkeley, Top Dog.

Let us get on with it.  I have visited this place now three times to give a good opinion of what to expect, chatted with the owner a Berkeley Grad that wanted to bring campus life hot dog to OC.   Glad he did, this place has no real hot dog place’s at all, chains yes, but no individual Gourmet Dog’s.

My last trip, I tried just a plain old frankfurter , natural case, longer, which is sort of like a Dodger Dog, nothing exciting to speak of.  Todate I have sampled most of the menu, with various results, see my final comments below overall.

Today I will address my last consumption of a treat to the taste buds.  The German.  After all this truly where all this came from in the first place, Germany.   This is part beef part pork, spices packed in a crisp snappy natural case.   Do not burry this in “chile” ,only  mustard, relish & onions will make this a killer meal, just see the photos below.

My grip:  The hot dog was not on the grill very long, hey dudes, cook these puppies, come from a cold refer, to the grill top for only a minute or two, is NOT enough time to get them “HOT, as in the name “Hot Dog” get it?    Mine was a tad cool inside, mind you they are fully cooked product from the manufacture, no harm to eat cold or raw for that matter, just I was expecting more, like something at least warm.   This has happened now on two visits, cool dogs, hum,,, maybe a new name, cool dog of Berkeley,,, how bout that.

My buddy from San Diego who was visiting ordered a Jalapeno  Dog wanted chile & red onions just like the picture on the counter, in full color a photo, looks like a home made photography of good quality, with a hot dog, sliced kosher pickle spears, chips and this chile dog with red onions.  They said sorry we do not have red onions, not that they were out, just they did not have any or use them, only for the photo to add color.  Hum..??  OK, the regular onions then will have do to, but then can you add an extra Kosher Pickle, then came the second slammer, we do NOT have any pickles, that was only added to the photo for color,,,, what the…??  edited for children what my buddy said.

OK, Mr. Berkeley Dog owner:  Why put a bigger than life advertisement “in your face” on your front counter showing a hot dog, red onions, chile, pickles, chips, and NOT have it available??  Just plain bad business.

I got it I got it.   I think this Berkeley Dog owner needs to Google himself, see what others have said about his place, I will not be that un-kind, but I am sure you will get my drift.

HOT DOG:   Good when heated to full temp, something on the order of a stadium style grill fried Dodger or A’s or Padre dog, nothing fancy so do not get your hopes up, one step up above a Costco Dog, which is now not even Kosher !

BUN:  A little different, a roll sliced, heated on the grill to a burned bun on one side,  they may consider changing the bread company, OK, but different, I will wait to see the comments of others, interesting, not the same quality for bread of the “original” Berkeley Dog.

CONDIMENTS:  I will give them two thumbs-up, a great selection of mustards.  NO RED onions, NO Tomatoes.

CHILE:  Great but lacked good cheese, of the cheese used not a medium aged cheddar, wake up guys, use real cheese, skimpy serving too.  Jerry’s dogs do not charge extra for Chile, hey Berkeley Dog what gives?

SODA: serving Coke, normal selection, no Coke Zero?  Hey what gives, this is now number one diet drink.  One size only, a big gulp.

ADD ON’S:   Well no French Frys, sorry, chips only.  The potato salad in a plastic cup, is like someone took something great put it in a blender and wa la,,, potato salad.  They first opened with a true German Potato Salad, which was good, the stuff they are now serving, keep your money in your pocket, not worth tasting, yuckie yellow stuff.



FAST FOOD OC:  They seem to see this is new to OC, read the review, but note they say nothing about tasting the hot dog, only about the location and Top Dog in Berkeley.  Read it here

LOCATIONS:  OC now have two of them, google the locations address, Brea & Mission Viejo

BABE FACTOR:  Not much happening here, sidewalk seating limited, no street view traffic, small parking lot.

OVERALL:  Good if you want a Dog, slightly better than Costco, skip the kids here, no kiddy friendly hot dog, no french frys.  I will give it a 50/50 for the taste buds.  Go again factor, yea.  Good Value for the buck, less than $4 for a hot dog that is OK, when warmed up.

Check out the photos for yourself, see if this looks good..for you to visit & eat a dog or two.

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