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Blueberry “mini” Muffins = a patio breakfast wonderful


What is better than waking up smelling something wonderful cooking in the oven?   My favorite breakfast treat, Real Blueberry mini Muffins.

Breakfast is my favorite time of the day, fresh hot coffee and the smell of something cooking.

The local stores here in South America do not carry fresh “BlueBerry’s” , not a fresh or canned item at the local grocery store.   Hum?  sounds funny that a close neighbor country grows them in the mountain country with duplicate weather to Oregon’s blueberry country, where they ship fresh to USA markets in the off season, BUT locally to the stores here, nada zero none, as this is not a item the local’s eat.  So even when they have the same varity growing as grown in the USA here locally, they are not in the market, all are on an air express flight to your local WholeFoods.

So, I am left with sneaking into my baggage as a wanted item to pay the over weight baggage airline fee for, none other than BETTY CROCKER, just add water Blueberry muffin mix, yea I know, dry imitation blueberry’s artificially flavored, but better than no blueberry’s.   They still taste great !!

Two more smells to think about on your favorite list for mornings, whats in the kitchen for breakfast.   My two are fresh coffee brewing to wake up my eyes, next to Sugar Maple cured thick sliced bacon cooking, Ahhh, that smell of maple fills the house.   Now close your eyes, tell me, What’s your favorite breakfast smell?

Enjoy my images of BlueBerry Mini’s, while thinking of me…. my coffee of choice today is 100% Colombian Juan Valdez for export from the Fuerte region, a bold cafe, it is on my must buy list if you find it in the USA, better than Peets.  Look for the Fuerte logo on the package.  Great morning baking to all !!


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