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Cartagena 48hr Old City Tour


This is a special tour,  if your in Colombia a must see side trip from Medellin.  Morning flights on new AirBus 320s takes about one hour to this Caribbean coast city.  Less than two hours from Florida.

Here is what to expect, just look at the above photo “tour” to get an idea of what awaits you in the old city, called Cartagena. I personally have a photo collection of door knockers from all around old city, images printed on a wall in my home.

Cartagena is one spot in Colombia you I am sure will come to love as a city to visit more than once. The old walled city is my favorite place to visit on the Caribbean coast.

Cartagena has the charm of a small European village, restaurants are on every street, I love the Caribbean influence in their cooking.

The walled city of the old Spanish settlement called Cartagena will take you back in time a few hundred years, narrow stone paved streets, architecture of circa 1700’s all within a small walled city called Cartagena de Indias, founded by the Spanish in 1533.

Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, the old Spanish Fort built from 1639 to 1762 over 100 years to build is a tourist attraction all to itself, a short walk or taxi ride from old city central.

The area out of the walled city has a stretch of beach called Boca Grande, this is a resort town with many hotels and a lot of fast food and plenty of less than average tourist restaurants too, so be warned. Looking for food, eat in the old city. The beaches overall are not that great, water is not clean looking to me,wind off the ocean and the sand is less than stellar. A lot of people come to this area for a few days of holiday then move on.

Day one

Flight from Medellin or Florida to Cartagena with van transfer [airport pick-up] to a nice classic boutique hotel inside the old walled city.

Once settled we can meet late morning for a short tour of the city to help you get your bearings around, then plan on meeting up for lunch around noon at Crepes n Waffle restaurant.

After lunch  we will venture out to the old Spanish Fort for two hour tour, it will take you that long to walk around.

Returning to Cartagena once again.   Then your on your own to explore the old city, go back to the old Spanish fort at your leisure in the evening, walk the wall or just explore the side streets for may photography op’s.   Walking around is the best way to find a restaurant to make your reservations at, most all have menu board outside.  Dinner is typically late in the old city, 8:00pm to 9:00 is expected, so you have plenty of time.    The city is a continuous  story unfolding till midnight or later.

Day two

Breakfast at the hotel we will circle up around 10:00 am for a trip to the top of the hill vantage point.  This is where the famous cross and view of the entire Cartagena & Boca Grande.  Tour the old church and Spanish hacienda at this hill top location. 1.5 to 2 hours.

Returning to Old City, you may elect to be dropped off again at the Spanish Fort or continue on with the van to centre Old City for lunch @ Crepe n Waffle with our crew.   After lunch, in the

Old City we will meet up with a local tour guide to give you a few historical facts about the city with a short walk around, maybe one to two plus hours.

Then your on your own to explore till our departure early evening back to Medellin.

Your luggage should be given to the front desk, by 10:30 am, as we will put in the van for your return flight. OR if your staying a second night, we will arrange for your transportations back to airport on day three for your outbound flight.



Airport pick-up and transfers every where we need to go

Hotel accommodations in the Old City two nights

Breakfast is included at the hotel

Entry fee to the hilltop vantage point

Entry fee to the Spanish Fort

Evening meals and lunches are available and included.  Drinks for adult beverages are your own purchase.


Your other meals & tips

Your own wine or beer beverages along the way

Airfare from Medellin or USA to Cartagena


$ 00.00








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