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Rusty’s Killer Guacamole & fresh Salsa

How to make fresh Salsa & Rusty’s Guacamole Hello to everyone !! This post will tell you in both photos below and a YouTube video “How to Make”  my Killer Fresh Salsa plus easy instant Guacamole.   To make real great Guacamole you need many fresh ingredients, besides the obvious a ripe Avocado.    My […]

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Sliced Jalapeno Peppers home made recipe & red peppers pickled how to

How to make “home made” Pickled Sliced Jalapeno Peppers & Red Peppers Pickled, recipe below images. How to make “home made” Pickled Sliced Jalapeno Peppers & Red Peppers Pickled. Great for your Nacho’s your own sliced Jalapeno Peppers and with my easy recipe you can do at home in less than an hour, you will never purchase “store bough” […]

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Expat Colombian Patio Breakfast

I know your all interested in what I eat for my morning wake-up call, yes it starts with fresh brewed coffee.   I do not have the advantage like you driving to a local Starbucks on my way as found on every corner of America, I have to make my own.  More on these coffee […]

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Homemade fresh Kosher Dill Pickles Recipe

Hello out there in PICKLE WORLD.   This is an update to my Rusty’s Homemade Fresh Kosher Dill Pickles recipe along with an update on the “How to Make Pickles” basic recipe. Photography tells the story best, you will see dry ingredients on the bottom fresh kirby cucumbers packed with fresh dill , red peppers […]

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