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Colombian fishing village on the Caribbean

Hello this week my travels take me to a small fishing village off the beaten path, in fact “very” far off the normal road’s traveled in Colombia.  You have to want to travel to this small village to see it, not a tourist spot for the international traveler, but for some Colombians is a day at the beach.  This is a small resort town with very limited amenities with only one hotel worth mention other than the very cheap Colombian style places to stay, one maybe OK restaurant with tourist prices, one new Chicken fast food place open one month, with better food than the Hotel Restaurant in fact, the owner moved here from Cali two months ago to open this new venture, nice gal, not a local.

I have a lease on a small cottage within a block of the beach, maybe 100 meters, from the kitchen window you can hear the waves crash on the rocks, smell the ocean, complete with a nice ocean breeze and my own private beach complete with drift wood for an evening bbq fire on the beach !!   A bit off the beaten path for me, as the closest super-market of any “western” quality with normal things as I wish to call it, is well over an hour drive one way to go shopping.  This will be a planned trip to pack my little French import car of 1974 vintage with as much as I can for a weeks shopping in one gulp.  Can you say “plan in advance”, as the village has a few small shop’s but, no real market, not even a 7-11 circle K style place, does not exist.

The people in the village go about the daily life, fishing, many work on the cattle ranches, banana finca’s, mango orchard and growing coco for the chocolate lovers to continue to enjoy your favorite chocolate bar, it starts from here.

These photos are a one day glimpse of my visit, taken with a point n shoot, expect better professional photos in future posts, as I am going to take it easy for a few months in this place for now I shall call the “Village”.  You will need to see the end of the slideshow to see the little cottage kitchen and the driftwood beach a block away down a rocky road to beach access.

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