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Coto lifestyle video

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Video is new for me personally.  I have been out shooting a lot of stock video with our new Canon 7D for posting to various stock web sites for life style in OC [Orange County, California].  Soon I will share more of these videos with you.  I found person in Australia, Brett who has made over 6,000 Real Estate Videos.  The unique thing is these are not walk about the house shooting every room like you see so many now on YouTube for selling Real Estate, these are selling the “Life Style” of the area, second is telling a little about the house, a few clips in here & there, all incased around a video of the neighborhood, lifestyles of the place, interesting concept.

Selling Real Estate in USA market, I see this coming for the higher end homes, especially one’s in a Country Club.  We were commissioned recently to shoot a home in Coto de Caza Country Club, I took this first opportunity to make a short video, not a RE Walk About, but more in the style that Brett has made popular down-under.  Take a look, your comment are welcome.

We made one more version with the Realtor introduction to the home, posted on YouTube, so you can see both a “base video” above, and the final product for the Realtor which they like, advertising them too, shown just below.

Casaestrella the top link below is to Carlton Bacons video for Sotherbys Real Estate and the next two links plus the YouTube is form Bretts work which show the new concept for selling Real Estate, sell the  “Lifestyle” in videos, check out the last link for Remax which is again, nothing about the home, a lifestyle.  These are my goals to be able to produce video like these professionals, take a look.  Brett said recently in a post on about his work, which rings true, Brett’s description says it all on his video style, “no commentary, no stating the bleeding obvious. And it even has a social conscious.” Awesome work Brett as usual.