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Expat Colombian Patio Breakfast

I know your all interested in what I eat for my morning wake-up call, yes it starts with fresh brewed coffee.   I do not have the advantage like you driving to a local Starbucks on my way as found on every corner of America, I have to make my own.  More on these coffee brewing steps and a traditional egg breakfast my way, another blog post soon.

Today enjoy the image’s of my mornings on the patio with the slider glass wall opened to a view of the morning green mountains with a slight mist cloud covering the tops, is my mornings of sunshine facing south in this valley called Medellin.   5,000 feet up in the Andes mountains, cool mornings awake the chickens & rooster in the farm next door, crowing at dawn break, my day starts.

Fresh brewed Colombian Coffee, is there any other kind?   Today coffee is from Hulia Colombia a medium roast, the aroma of the beans is just awesome to peek open the eyes !!

Italian baker, only one in all of Medellin, I pick-up a long loaf or two every week, my favorite a classic rustic hard crusted Ciabatta bread.   Cut into a small chuck, sliced in two then toasted to lite brown, crusty on the edge.   Buttered with my favorite premium local farm fresh real butter.  see photo

Red Raspberry Jam:  Only the best will do,  as I found a local store that now carries Smuckers, yip form USA imported Red Raspberry Jam.  Not to be out done, but the local French supermarket has shipments of odd Europe & French items in the store at ridiculous low prices, more on this at another blog post, well maybe a hint, they have Bordeaux French Cabernet  wine or Cotes du Rhone Champagne for $4 bucks a bottle, no joke, but more on to the “Jam”, they import a Framboises Confiture Extra, this is short in French for Red Raspberry Jam, out of this earth great, except as only found in Paris itself, out of the Jar Pari e , in one close your eyes moment taken back to a sidewalk cafe in Paris, yum I can smell the espresso now.  OK OK, I got carried away.

Fresh Fruit of some fashion, plenty of the 100+ varieties here, if that were not enough they import too… way too many items, California cantaloup variety of seeds are grown locally, I like mine cut into bit size as in the photo.

Apple or Orange Juice, sometimes fresh squeezed OJ from my own kitchen,, awesome that they have a dozen different types of sweet oranges grown here locally.

Bottle Water, good old Coca Cola company makes purified bottles of water, just cause I like it, taste great .The water here is safe, but I prefer the purified one’s better, chilled.

You may note my thermos on the table, I keep my coffee hot, pouring small cups are fine, one at a time till finished.   Enjoy !!

Welcome to Colombia, my way !!
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