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Homemade fresh Kosher Dill Pickles Recipe

Hello out there in PICKLE WORLD.   This is an update to my Rusty’s Homemade Fresh Kosher Dill Pickles recipe along with an update on the “How to Make Pickles” basic recipe.

Photography tells the story best, you will see dry ingredients on the bottom fresh kirby cucumbers packed with fresh dill , red peppers & garlic on the top & sides, then what your kosher pickles will look like right after adding water+vinegar mixture and finally image is after only 20+ hours out on the counter after a upside down shake prior to cure into refrigeration for 2 weeks, note the color change from bright fresh green to a shade more looking like a pickle only a few hours old.

Photos help show you what to expect  in making your own Kosher Fresh Dill Pickles !!  Bottom photo shows bulk crushed red peppers on the left and mixed red-white-black pepper corns on the right, both purchased from Costco spice section.  Other spices used in this receipt are available in bulk from any restaurant supply store.  Fresh dill maybe a challenge to find at your local grocery, so try the ethic style markets like Mother Earth or similar or an Iranian market as this is a part of every Eastern Europe meal, they will have it fresh in the produce section.

Your e-mails were welcome, thank you, glad a few of you have made these Kosher Fresh Dills, Rusty’s Zappers at your home.  I will explain a little more in detail what to do.  The photos here in this post will show what they look like in the JAR, right after packing.  Note all the spices on the bottom and the fact I placed a few Chinese Red Peppers on the sides along with garlic cloves, mix them into the stack as you add your cucumbers to the jar.  Look closely at the photos.   Then the last image is what they should look like after one day sitting out on the counter overnight prior to putting them into the refrigerator for a minimum 2 week for the flavor process to work, turning your lovely green objects into Rusty’s Zappers.

The fresh jars packed with all the spices on the bottom of the jar, you have added the water+vinegar mixture & capped the jars.   Leave out on the counter for one day overnight.  The next morning carefully turn the jar upside down, give a shake to mix any of the spices on bottom of the jar, shake side to side, while holding the jar upside down.  You will see the spices start to go into the middle of the jar around the cukes, great job, see the third photo in this post set of a “mixed” jar.  Now put a date to eat on the top of the jar, place in the back part of your refrigerator as not to be tempted to open early,, wait wait wait a full two week prior to opening !!

Rusty’s Hot Zappers modified KOSHER PICKLES Homemade fresh pickles recipe.

1 glass 1/2 gallon jar with lid.  Wide mouth is best for easy packing in cukes.  Washed with soap HOT water, rinse real good, clean, then cool & dry inside.

Put in bottom of jar the following items dry

1+ tablespoon sugar white

1 + big tablespoon  salt Kosher

1 tb pepper corns whole black

1 tb pepper corns mixed white & red whole

1 tb mustard seeds whole

1 tb crushed red peppers [they look like the one’s you get with your pizza]

2-3 red Chinese hot Peppers “dry”  whole toss them in

1 large bulb of garlic [entire bulb= is like 8-10 cloves] peel & cut each clove in half , toss in jar

1/2 medium onion peeled [yea I know seems stupid, “peeled”  but you would be surprised !! at the comments I got]  chopped & cross cut in small chunks

Dill fresh !!   Pull a few sprigs off the stem, like a small hand full [1/2 cup], put in bottom of jar


Washed green ripe firm small Kirby Cucumbers ready to pack, small ones I leave whole.  small = 3 inches long 1.5 inch round.  Bigger longer you may wish to cut in half.

1 more Bulb Garlic, cloves cut in half, ready to place in jar as you pack cukes

3-5 Red Chinese Peppers

Dill Fresh sprigs pulled from stems ready [washed under cool water ? correct but I did not have to tell you that, right?]

Putting them into the jar packing the cukes in evenly in layers pushing them in is OK pack them in there.  Now as you pack these on top of the dry ingredients place garlic cloves sliced in half along with a red Chinese pepper here n there into the mix as you pack up to the top of the jar, mix a few cloves garlic & red pepper as you pack to the top.

Finish your packing of cukes as your now are at the top of the jar.  Place a few cloves of garlic, a red pepper or two plus a big bunch of fresh dill on the top of the open jar.  See photos.


1 cup + 1 cup = mix 50/50 plain cool tap water with plain white vinegar in a sauce pan.  Heat mixture till a first boil, turn off, take off range, let it sit for a few minutes to warm.

2 cups should be plenty to fill your 1/2 gallon jar, if you wish make it  1.5 cups each water is cheap.

Put your jar or jars into the sink, you will see why in the next step.

Pour warm mix over over the cukes filling the jars to over flowing, just a little.    Wait 3 to 5 minutes before putting on the cap, mix to cool, then cap hand tight !!

Set on counter out of direct sunlight over night about 20+ hours, prior to, the next day shake upside down and  refrigeration.

Your comments on this process is appreciated.

HOT HOT PICKLES WITH A SNAP,   Your taste may differ, add a few less RED Peppers to reduce the heat… the additional Garlic is a must !!   Enjoy

Last item:  Why am I making Pickles was a question:

They are not available at any store where I am living in South America, none !!  No fresh Koshers of any kind.  How on earth can you have a sandwich without a pickle??  These are easy to make it is from my fathers [Herbert]  recipe book from his father brought here from Europe back in the 1860’s, yip a long time ago, but greatness does not change.  My version of this is addition of a little more HOT spice, warm em up a bit, with both crushed & Chinese RED peppers, other than this minor chance this is the basic 150+ year old recipe.
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