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Hong Kong BBQ Pork and Roasted Goose the hole in the wall cafes not to miss




The Anthony Bourdain TV show made two small Chinese Cantonese BBQ Pork and Chinese Goose cafes famous over night.  Two different shows from Anthony one cafe in each show.  Both places are really hard to find, so let me make it a easy task for you with a few photos and instructions on “how to find” the spot, the chair and the table where Anthony made wise talk and consumed a plate of cooked BBQ meat, a big can of Tsingtao with no rice.

Your in Hong Kong right, why not have some local meat cooked in a traditional Chinese cooking methods.  BBQ Pork order Char Siu over rice and roasted Duck or Goose is really very tasty and after all anything meat BBQ’ed is good, right.  Sliced or chopped served over rice with a big can of local beer, Tsingtao will set you back less than five dollars.

First place is called Joy Hing Roasted Meats, a hole in the wall cafe, you can see the Chinese name on the building which has no English letters, trust me this is what it says. [third photo down from top above is front of cafe] Address is 265-267 Hennessy Road @ the Wan Chai Metro exit.  The front of the restaurant is actually on Steward, not Hennessy, close to the corner of Hennessy, go around the corner on Steward 50 meters to find the front of the cafe, or just look for the line down the block. My roasted Goose plate with rice and a very cold beer was actually very good. [second photo from top above]

The more traditional Chinese meal try Yung Kee Restaurant for his famous flying roasted Goose. This is a sit down full service menu,  the next best place in Hong Kong been around for over 50 years.  Google them for the trip advisor comments beside my recommendation here. Located at 32 Wellington Street, every Taxi knows how to get there !!  Flying you ask is the nick name associated with this Yung Kee Roasted Goose,  as many people from all over the world take one to-go with them traveling home.  They can special package your take away you only need to ask.

This last BBQ  place for roasted pig and goose is located in the older section of Central area, just off the escalators. This street has many great photography op, open butcher shops, fruit vegetable sellers and fresh fish markets, walk around on Gage Street to see. [see Gage Street blog post for more details]

The real hole in the wall cafe was visited by Anthony back in 2007 for a different food show and the local newspaper from his 2007 visit is still in the front window.  Truly this is a real hole in the wall place with actually an English sign on the front it maybe easy to find?  So let me explain how to find it and this place is rather easy.

Lung Kee Restaurant is at G/F 5 Gage Street, Central.  Walking from the Ferry Buildings inland to the escalators up one or two sections, you finally go over a place where the walkway crosses the road to the left, uphill.  The over head sign on the walk way will say your at Central.  You are now at Lyndhurst Terrace Road and Gage is under your feet, ground level. Take the stair case to ground level.  The narrow street you see with all the signs, see photo, is Gage, mid way down this street look for a yellow sign on the right side printed in both Chinese and English Lung Kee, see the front of this restaurant photo below and look for all the BBQ meat and Goose hanging in the window, you have arrived.  Taxi can take you to Gage and Lyndhurst, you will need to walk down the pedestrian only style narrow street of Gage a 100 meters skip for the restaurant on your right side going downhill. Once in Hong Kong really, this place is easy to find, shown anyone this photo they can point to this place, or try a Taxi.

The BBQ Pork and Roasted Goose over rice is excellent, sit, share a table is common if they are busy, have a cold can of China Tsingtao beer, rather good ice cold enjoy your holiday experience eating with the locals.  Come early as they close around 7:00 pm, this is a daytime lunch spot.


Check above in the paragraphs for address and instructions OR my advise if your not into walking with a tourist map, take a Taxi, they know where this place is, really.

Photography below are a few more images of the inside of each cafe to give you a visual of how small they really are. Expect to wait in line outside to get in and once inside you will be sharing a table with the locals, which in my case was a good thing as they helped me not only my order but to try two different types of sauces on the table. Honestly I would of never poured on my bbq meat or goose the table selections, but they were actually very good what ever they were.  Try the big one in a squeeze bottle has brown liquid secret sauce in it, helped me eat just like the locals, tasty.  See the top photo below with plate of roasted goose and a car of beer, this secret sauce squeeze bottle is just behind my beer, now you know what your looking for on the table. Beer?    Another Cold beer is only an arm wave away to find the wait staff for a second can if you should dare, heck, your not driving your on holiday, have one more !!

This photo set look for the street view with a YELLOW SIGN on the right side of the image, this is Lung Kee Restaurant is at G/F 5 Gage Street, it will be in English, and the fifth image in the very top of the blog image set above is the front of this cafe plus the ninth image just above you can see the yellow sign, so you may know what your looking for.
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