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Hong Kong Boat Noodles and Street Food Scene




The Street Food as I like to call it is the everyday meal that is found along the back alleys of all major Asian cities, real Street Food, served sidewalk side on portable fold up tables and plastic chairs.  Walk up order, find a seat and wait.  Most street stall vendors are regulated by the government and all the years of eating as such places I have never gotten sick, this is no different than grabbing a hot dog from a sidewalk cart in  downtown Manhattan, you would not give that a second though, righ? It is no different for most of Asia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia.  Just do not drink the water, remember either bottle water or beer, got it !

The above images are the side alley street food vendors have taken over the alley during the evening hours, open till around 1:00 am.   Photos above were taken around 11:00pm evening, late and very crowded too.  These are the food stalls that serve traditional stir fry dishes and what people refer to a thin noodle in broth with a wonton as Hong Kong Boat Noodle Soup.  The soup can be made with shrimp, beef, pork or chicken.

The more traditional sit down restaurants around town a few smaller cafes do specialize in Boat Noodles, as the primary dish they serve.  Here you can sit in a air conditioned restaurant at a real table with wait staff and get your food in a normal “bowl”, all served with hot tea as the normal service.   This style of noodle shop are all over Honk Kong, ask anyone to point one to you on any street corner, or taxi can drive you to one close too.  To get real boat noodle soup, your choices are the alley street food or a noodle cafe.

Photography below is inside a noodle cafe, bowl of beef soup with vegetable and tea. Cost is very inexpensive.



Street Food stalls are in the Central area with open outside tables in the street are located on several back alley and side alleys are only a few blocks downhill from Gage Street. OR  Start walking back towards the harbor, they are located along your route back, show anyone or ask anyone where the food stalls are, they I am sure will point you to the location.  Photos below are only two blocks from Gage downhill.  The base of the escalators going up this alley is close.  You can walk from the Ferry Building #5 directly uphill towards the escalators this section of ally is easy to locate, again just ask anyone on the street to point you in the right direction.   Taxi is less than $2 dollars from Ferry Building to this location too.

The food stalls have all kinds of noodle dishes and assorted stir fries, some of the menus are in English, again most everyone does speak English you should have no problem ordering.  Like many small street vendors they only accept cash.


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