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Hong Kong “Gage Street” a Photographers dream photo op Old Hong Kong Markets


Continued parts of my blog post on “48hr Photography Tour of must see n eat Hong Kong” 


Gage Street in old Central Hong Kong is known to every family of this city of over 7 million folks.  This is everyday life of shopping for both the home cooks and smaller cafes all come to this one street to find the daily special and bargain with the shop keepers.

This is truly a photographers paradise dream street with so many photography op you only need to slow down, take your time and look around to capture the spirt of this city doing their daily shopping.

The street is also home to a real hole in the wall cafe once visited by Anthony Bourdain back in 2007 for a food show and the local newspaper from his 2007 visit is still in the front window today.  Lung Kee Restaurant is at G/F 5 Gage Street, Central.  See the blog post on “Everything BBQ and Goosed in Hong Kong” for details on how to find this place and other hole in the wall establishments for your Bbq meat fix.

The photography below will help tell the story of this street shopping and the shop keepers life too.   Take a close look at each image as they all tell a story of life here in Hong Kong.



Walking from the Ferry Buildings inland to the escalators up one or two sections, you finally go over a place where the walkway crosses the road to the left, uphill.  The over head sign on the walk way will say your at Central.  You are now at Lyndhurst Terrace Road and Gage is under your feet, ground level. Take the stair case to ground level.  The narrow street you see with all the signs, see photo, is Gage.

Taxi to Lyndhurst Terrace Road and Gage is about $3 dollars US from the Ferry Buildings.

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