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You have decided to take my 48hr Photographer n Foodie Tour, great.  Now to help you get to your final hotel is really easier than you may think, here are a few suggestions.  Your welcome sign that you have arrived in a nice city is the every presents of STARBUCKS  just as you exit the customs area, grab a Latte, then find your way out of the airport here are my tips.



The Airport Metro Train is a high speed train between the city and the airport. The train will take you speedily into the city in less than half an hour.  Cost about $100 HK dollars or $12.90 in US dollars.  There is plenty of luggage space on this train which runs into both Hong Kong and Kowloon.

How to find a ticket.  See my upper first mage is the main entry hall after you clear customs, note the centre of the image to purchase a ticket.

From the station you can catch a Taxi or a free hotel shuttle to your final destination.  The train runs about every 15 minutes or less till midnight.



This is a service provided by your hotel as you only need to ask them in advance where to find the bus.  This is a contract service with several private bus companies, not a government city bus, but a real up-class coach seats air conditioned bus of first class services.

Why I like this better, cost about the same as the train $130. HK dollars less than $17. dollars us, is the fact they take care of your baggage from inside the airport into the bus, then un-load to the hotel porters cart for you.  Plus this is directly from the airport arrival hall, the bus is 50 meters out the door directly to your hotel door.  The train you take care of your own baggage, you still need to pull it along to find a shuttle or taxi to your hotel.

To repeat, the bus shuttle is for the money the best and easy way to get into the city.  Real budget minded folks can save four dollars by taking the train.  My hotel had my name on the printed list at the bus company  counter in the arrival hall, they were waiting for me, now that is service, I was impressed they made me reservations on the bus, plus added the bus fare to my hotel bill, I did not need to exchange any money to pay the bus fare.  Ask your hotel in advance with your reservations about the special bus directly to their door.  Inside the arrival hall there are several bus counters each takes care of a different set of hotels in the city, ask anyone of them to show you which counter [by counter number] you need to find.


You Jet Setters are not forgotten in my report, no by no means.  You know who you are, with a members only exclusive  Black American Express Card in your wallet, money is no object, well Hong Kong is ready for you to use your AMX Card.  Here is my first suggestion to get you in the mood for Hong Kong’s live style.

The ROYALS ROYCE & BENTLY LIMO SERVICE yes there is really such a thing.  Here is the link CLICK HERE, not a joke, even I wish it were not true !  This is Hong Kong, Welcome.   Fare $1600. HK about $210. US plus tip is expected, one way fare.  Here is the car you will be expecting, nice ride too.




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