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Hong Kong Jumbo Kingdom Floating Restaurant


This is one tourist attraction you should not miss, at least to say, YES I have been there.  Here is a short version of what this is.  The restaurant is a floating barge  anchored in the harbour.  No way to get there other than by ferry from the restaurants dock.  The images above you will see a longer view across the water photo of the Jumbo Kingdom as taken from the ferry dock.  I really like the top dragon image to get you in the mood for Chinese food.

Here is what the Jumbo Kingdom web site has about the history of the restaurant, I can tell you there are a lot of famous people photographs in the hall of visitors from all over the world for the past 30 plus years or more.

A brainchild of Dr. Stanley Ho, the world-renowned Jumbo Floating Restaurant was established in October 1976. It took four years and millions of dollars to design and build. It is ornamented in the style of a gorgeous and exquisite ancient Chinese imperial palace. Over the past decades, Jumbo has been much appreciated by locals and tourists alike, and has become a scenic landmark of Hong Kong. A ‘must-see’ destination for visitors from overseas, it has played host to numerous international dignitaries and celebrities, including HM Queen Elizabeth II, film stars Tom Cruise, Chow Yun Fat and Gong Li, and more than 30 million other valued visitors and guests.

A few more image to show you around the interior of the restaurant and a sample of the food plate served.  The food was just OK in my opinion, a grade up for average tourist food.  The positive was the beer was very cold, I have to find something good to say in my review right?  I have been spoiled by living in San Francisco for a few years close to China Town, where eating out several times a week plus lunches at all the local cafes, can really let you know what great Chinese food is all about.   Nice restaurant to see and dine while your in Hong Kong, so you too can say, “Yes” I have been there too.


Here is the web site:

My suggestion since every Taxi driver knows how to get there, take a Taxi.  Get a receipt from the Taxi man, present to the staff at the restaurant they will credit your bill for a good portion of the taxi fare.  Now that is service.

Check the web site too, as they show several additional ways to get there, as the restaurant even has a ferry service too from the Ferry Building.


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