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Hong Kong Night Market Shopping



The night market is located on the Kowloon side of the harbour.   This street is closed during the evenings and the vendors start setting up their stalls.  You have to remember the souvenirs, why else would you travel half way around the world without getting something you may never need or use to take home.  A Hong Kong Snow Glob on your holiday shopping list?  The Temple Street Night Market can fill your baggage with all kinds of goodies.  Located on the Kowloon side of the bay, this market opens around 7:00pm till midnight for normal Tee shirts, thing a ma bobs, what you call its you can not live without items, all for sale.  Walk around see what crafty thing are offered under the lights.   This area also has many of the famous Hong Kong fortune tellers ready to read your set of cards. One has a bird pick out the cards for you off the table, cute.   They are fun to experience at least once.

The middle section of the night market has a dozen or more small cafe open with outside tables and chairs, a sort of like street food but with a normal daytime cafe attached.   The Oyster Omelettes lady is in the second block mid way on the left side.  Just ask anyone, take a look at the image below to find your sidewalk treat.

This  story is about the healing all ailments red bean soup, Yum Cha, [Hong dou tang]. Several cafes are located on the lower part of the night market area. Ask any local where is the Swan Restaurant for directions, see photo of front neon sign on cafe below.  Served as sort of a heal all good for the tummy desert item, served cold in the summer, hot in the winter.  One bowl is all you need, share with a friend.   The two famous kitchens where a never ending continuos batch is always waiting with special secret herb ingredients for anyone who needs a pick me up try a bowl of this.  Yes I have images for you, just look below. Yes I did taste it, not bad.  The big golden pot is where the never ending batch is made.  The sign on the wall is the menu, offer two types of this specially item, pick one, pointing is all right.  Prices less than fifty cents a bowl.

The famous Hong Kong Mahjong Parlor is located close to the night market, see photo below, take a peek inside.  The old time Chinese game played with 144 tiles, there is no gambling in Hong Kong but a lot of side bets among the housewives who play daily is common.



This is on the KOWLOON side of Victoria Harbour

1. Take the Star Ferry to Kowloon

2. Exit the Ferry building, go to your right the main street ahead is Salisbury Road runs along the front of the harbour ferry buildings, continue to the right about 3 blocks to NATHAN ROAD.

3. Turn on to Nathan Road and you will need to walk about 7 plus blocks, past the Kowloon Park, till you arrive at JORDAN ROAD

4. Turn Left onto Jordan Road for 3 short blocks your now at the base of TEMPLE STREET NIGHT MARKET.

5.  You can always take a Taxi from the Ferry Building to Temple Street & Jordan Road too, about $3 dollars US.



Yes there is some types of street food available at this night market.  They are small cafes during the day, turn into a wok or two with a grill outside during the market time.  My Oyster Omelette lady is located in the mid section of the market, if your walking uphill, she is on the left side, just ask anyone they will know where to point you to this cafe.  Yummy Yummy !!   Cooked to order in front of you fresh.

Just look for this image below to find this special Asian Hong Kong treat.  The next to last image is a crepe filed with a “sugar” stick soft candy of some type, an Asian desert street food delight.  Last image:  I will introduce you to Mr. Mishimoto the Chef at a local street food stall, third block up on your left.  He has a stir fry menu of every type of Asian cooking, show him his photo, real nice Chef that is funny too, speaks perfect English along with a few more languages.  Order, sit down enjoy life in Hong Kong on the streets @ night.

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