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This is a play on words, NO, this is not approved for use in the USA, I am only kidding.  You have to realize this is how they made these high rise buildings for years in Hong Kong, only to think, REALLY?

Walking around Honk Kong you will see piles of bamboo poles ready to be used someplace “parked” along the curbs.  See my image in the set of images below.  Then my questions arise out of all this, who does really govern the building and inspections of these platforms, let alone the workers safety ?

Believe it or not, yea there is a set of rules for building these grand structors governed by Hong Kong building department.  I will not bore you with the detail manual available via PDF a simple Google search you can find, but more interesting is this next club of builders that have their own Guild to construct these monster contraptions along the outside of buildings.  I saw several going up 6 to 7 stories or more in the air, yea that is high !!

This next set of images will help tell the story too.   Walk slowly around them, after all this is a “hard hat” area too.  O, all most forgot, to tell you about the professional International Guild of Knot Tyers , yip how to tie a knot is an art and this too is regulated by the government, a construction company has to hire only certified Knot Tyers.  [spelling of Tyer is correct off their web site]  Now don’t you feel safer walking around Hong Kong?

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