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Peak Tram is a not to miss tourist item to do while in Hong Kong.  The Tram Cable car is a pulled railway car uphill  from the Central area of Hong Kong to the top of the hill called The Peak or Victoria Park.   Here you will have a view of the entire Victoria Harbour, see photos above.

Photography Spot:  Exit the top of the hill tram station is into a mini mall, exit this mall.  Look for the gazebo area for the best photography op just outside the mall start walking down hill to this vantage point, follow the crowd downhill along the tram rail line is the look-out point.  Setting up your tripod is all right no permit necessary.   This top of the hill area has a new modern shopping center with a few restaurants and Starbucks of course.

Set-up your gear on the rail at the Gazebo with only a few people coming and going to snap a image or two with their new iPhones. Tripod is necessary for an excellent images.  The two shown above since it was an overcast evening, I decided to shot hand held with a higher ISO, still passable image but no way a post card for selling stock.  Hope your weather evening is better on your stop over at the Peak.


To find the “The Peak Tram” ticket office it is directly in back of the Bank of China building.  Take the STAR FERRY to Hong Kong. Exit the ferry building and look for the bus signs, see photos below.  Catch the bus #15C in front of the Star Ferry building 8, look for the bus stop signs the bus leaves every 15 minutes, cost less than twenty five cents, arrives directly to the Peak Tram ticket window.  Go to the upper deck of the bus for a nice ride in downtown Hong Kong streets it is open air no roof on the second deck.

The bus makes no change, you will need exact coins $4.20 HK.  See my hand photo below as to what the coins look like along with the bus sign to “find” just outside ferry building #8.  You want BUS 15C.

The Peak Tram cost about $28 HK dollars one way, like three dollar sixty cents US. Round trip is $40 HK, but wait just a minute, only get a “one way” ticket, as the line to get back off this peak may take you a hour or more wait in line, see my image.  Tram hours 7 am till midnight everyday takes about 12 plus minutes.


How to get off The Peak?   Remember I had you get only a one way ticket up, now let me help you get off the peak easy. SEE the photo below of the one plus hour wait for the Tram back downhill.

Take the bus !

Look at my photos below of the courtyard area at The Peak Mall area. See the fountain image and there is a Starbucks. AND just under this building where the Starbucks is located is the bus terminal. Walk around the right side of Starbucks downstairs to the lower level.

Find the bus stop directly in front of you, on the right. Take bus #15 all the way down the hill with no waiting in line for the Peak Tram, bus is cheap less than fifty five cents, buses leave every 15 minutes till 1:00 AM. The bus stops at Ferry Building 5, a short walk to the Star Ferry building from there, if your returning to Kowloon area.

The repeat is true too.  If you do not wish to take The Peak Tram, up to the top, you can catch the bus #15 for a ride to the top Victoria Park.  The bus #15 leaves from in front of Ferry Building #5,  you only need to look for the bus stop sign.  Remember exact change.  Ask anyone where the bus stop is or ask another bus driver all are very helpful too.

BUS #15C for a ride to the Peak Tram Station Ticket Office  

BUS #15 for a ride up to The Peak Victoria Park

BUS #15  OFF the Peak back to Ferry Buildings.


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