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Hong Kong SoHo Hollywood Road “Antique Street” Chic Restaurant Row



Continued parts of my blog post on “48hr Photography Tour of must see n eat Hong Kong” 


This is the New HONG KONG re-created area of old shops and stores into a upscale Chic Restaurant and PUB area of the city.  Located on the upper side of a very steep hill, so steep in fact the city installed the longest covered escalator system in the world to reach it, a few more images below will tell all about this system in a minute.

Chic Restaurant row has every kind of chef inspired dish from every part of the planet all in one spot, all in Hong Kong.  To eat your way around this Hollywood Road area plan on staying a year as beyond the street level PUBs and cafe are the second story hidden back alley establishments only the truly locals know about.  This review is not going to even get close to telling about them or all the pool places to grab a draft brew and toss a game of darts.  This will have to wait for a longer journey to this wonderful city called Hong Kong.

This street Hollywood Road is also known as, Antique Street with all the little boutique shops selling wares from all over Asia, all in one spot.  Just great for any aspiring interior designer to find such a place in any city, here is not problem.

Next item, did I eat in SoHo, of course.   I decided to try the local Pizza fare, had plenty of Asian food during my six months in Asia, wanted something a tad different, after all I was in the chef paradise of Hong Kong this item they should be able to get right and so it was, I found a perfect Pizza cafe to share with you.

Pizza Express has a few locations around Hong Kong besides the cafe in SoHo.  The images below will tell the story better than me rambling on here.  I started off with a homemade tomato and basil soup, like it hit my wow factor to a perfect Rome sidewalk cafe could not compare, it was perfect.  To top this off with a individual “hand tossed” too, pizza of mixed with Jalapeños and Pepperoni of all things called an American Pizza, what does Jalapeños have to due with America ?? you figure it out.  Cooked perfect the crust was thin but not too thin, cheese and sauce were delightful tasty bite, in fact I enjoyed my Pizza Restaurant find.  Ordered a Chinese local beer, you know the one in the green bottle, no shameful plugs here on my blog, none.  Just take a look at these images below to get an idea, and YES, once again that is my empty plate, will tell you if I enjoyed my meal, you can only guess?   So good I tried this cafe [different location] for lunch another day, check out the bow tie pasta with sausage plate, last image in this set, also a very good recommendation.



The decor is not fancy but comfortable as nice atmosphere inside an open chef kitchen with a little take out business too.  Expect a wait on any night if your coming after 9 pm, a few minutes is worth it, you will not be disappointed .   check out the web site for more salads and pasta dishes, all appear to be excellent choices for a lunch or dinner.

Web site:


Location in SoHo is at the mid Central Point of the Escalator system.  You can walk uphill towards where the escalators start from Ferry Building #5 is it is a straight shot, at mid point the overhead sign will read CENTRAL, you have arrived look around, the Pizza Express is on the corner, impossible to miss.  ASK any Taxi driver to take you to Pizza Express in SoHo, this is a established restaurant everyone knows where it is.



To get a final bit of more information on this upscale chic area where on the streets at night you can find every exotic car know to Italy or the UK  and Germany have not been left out for that matter parked along the side roads of SoHo like the everyday family ride, it is just a car to them.   How to get there again is by walking  all up hill till your reach the escalators to mid point called Central, look for the sign. Stop look around you will find more Pubs, bars, cafes, eatery and restaurants plus shops along the side roads. From Star Ferry Terminal start walking inland, uphill, ask anyone where the start of the escalators are, to point you in the right direction.  It is a  straight shot uphill from Ferry Building 5, Star Ferry you arrived at building 8,  or just look at the tourist map, works too.  Taxi from Ferry 8 building to Hollywood Road @ Central escalators cost about $3 bucks US. The restaurants you will see in this last set of images were taken during the morning hour prior to noon, they were just opening hence empty, trust me, come evening they are all full.

The escalators are the longest covered system in the world and only go one way zig n zag uphill 800 meters total of walkways. You have a steep step by step walk back downhill, take your time, look down the side streets on your way back, both sides of the walkway are hidden gem pubs and special places to grab a late afternoon lunch or late night dinner.  This is the hot spot for Hong Kong who’s who at night, enjoy the night!

Bon Appétit

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