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Hong Kong Victoria harbour Laser Light Show timed to Music




This is one item to plan on seeing for your photography tour of Hong Kong.  At least get a image or two for sharing when you get back home.   This will take a bit of pre-planning to capture any image, as this is not hand held shooting, all tripod capture is required.

The image above were taken with my Canon 7D using a Canon 16-35mm 2.8L USM Lens.  I took a bunch of shots, no reason to bore you with them, here are a few so you may get the idea of what the show looks like, second image that is the Star Ferry on the right.    I also captured a few short video clips using Syrp Genie on top of my tripod for a smooth 10 second video pan, just perfect video capture of the light show.  Syrp Genie link here.  My capture was in video mode not time-lapse with the Genie.



This is looking at Hong Kong downtown the lasers are on top of the Hong Kong buildings.  You will need to be on the other side in KOWLOON.

1. Take the Star Ferry to Kowloon.

2. Exit the Ferry building and go to your RIGHT.

3. Find the  Clock Tower and the park in front of it with seating and a rail looking out across the Harbour.

4. Set-up early, STAKE OUT your claim to a section of the front rail.   I arrived 45 minutes early, glad I did this park filled up fast.

5. The Park has speakers set-up to listen to the music during the laser light show.

more information below to help you capture a great image 

Hong Kong Laser Light Show another photography op not to miss.  Daily at 8:00 pm the show timed to music is about 15 minutes long.  The buildings are in Hong Kong, meaning you need to be on the other side of the harbor in Kowloon to see the light show.

The Star Ferry Building in Kowloon lets you off right next to the pier Clock Tower at the Waterfront Promenade a viewing platform with speakers to hear the music which is timed to the laser show.

Here is the deal, arrive early around 7:00 pm to 7:15 no later at the Clock Tower area Waterfront Promenade to stake out your spot along the front rail.  I take two tripods, open them up to get ready, then have a seat on the bench directly in back of the front rail where my tripods are set-up.  I plan on only using one, but this gives me elbow room around the crowds and gives little bit bigger space as it were to operate my gear along the front rail, two tripods wide.   This area will get crowded just before 7:45 pm, remember to come early!!

My overcast day I was able to capture a few laser shots off the roof tops on the Hong Kong  side of the harbor, perhaps your weather day will be better, but for my travel photos of personal use these turned out just fine.  To answer the your question in advance, the last image above is “one” photo taken with the Canon 16-35mm lens set at 16mm wide.  This is not two images stitched together.


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