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How to make deli Kosher Pickles at home

Hello fellow travelers I am in the land of Colombia South America.  The item came up that this place has no PICKLES, none, they don’t eat em, so they do not make them.  You can not even find them in the local markets, except a speciality store, then for a jar of Claussen spears was like $17. dollar US, Yikes, no thank you.

Back to the original subject line, HOW TO MAKE DELI KOSHER PICKLES AT HOME, the easy Rusty Way.

You can follow the images in this blog too, to see what I used is helpful,  but here are the steps to make a batch that will last up to a year in your refrigerator, each week getting a little better flavor.  Yield is one Quart so on the ingredients  multiply it as needed for each jar you are making.  You can use any container safe for food, tuperware with snap on lid or similar plastic container, you do not need canning jars.  My photos show plastic container with red snap on lid.

4 to 6 small Kirby Cukes washed clean ready

Now: Put these things into the bottom of the container dry

1/4 tb Sugar white

1 big tb Kosher Salt

1 Large Clove of Garlic peeled  [ a second clove goes on top, see photos]

1/2 medium onion chopped small

bunch of fresh dill + stems a small handfull

1 tb black pepper corns

1 tb mixed pepper corns [see photo] reds & white mixed

1 tb mustard seeds

1/2 tb to 1/4 red crushed chile or one small dry red Serrano chile as to your taste optional


Kirby cukes cut into quarters and fill the jars, press them in on top of the dry, [see photos]

Put another bunch of fresh dill & the second clove of garlic on top [ see photos]


Small sauce pan, mix together

I cup of white vinegar  [some people say apple cider vinegar, but the end results are the same]

2 cups tap water cool

Warm together the three cups of liquid to a start of the boil, remove from heat.  Then pour the warm mix over the cukes till the jars are over full.  3 cups should fill two quart jars.

Cap the jar’s, leave out overnight on the counter, 24 hours.  Next morning turn upside down and give a gentle shake holding in your hands the jar to stir up the content on the bottom, making sure all the salt & sugar are de solved, leave out for another few hours.   Then put into the refrigerator, 12 to 14 days, longer they stay the more flavor they will develop.  14 days they are ready to eat, enjoy.  They will keep in the fridge for up to a year !!  But I do not think they will last that long,,, as these are not cooked or pasteurized refrigeration is necessary.

This is an old family recipe from my dad, Herbert who I understand got it from his dad who brought it from England around 1860.  This is the same style of Kosher Claussen they make in New York, you find in the refer deli section of your local market in the USA.  Enjoy !!
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