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Kosher Pickles with cheddar grilled cheese & tomato sandwich

This is my blog update on making Real Kosher Pickles.  They were ready for taste testing and nothing beats a Tillamook Cheddar Cheese Grilled with ripe tomatoes on a great artisan style bread to go along with fresh made Kosher Pickle !!

First the Pickles:   I decided to make them my way which is a bit on the zesty side with a, after first bite, you get that WOW! effect in your mouth, hum, a bit of a bite back hot from the dry Chinese Red Peppers I put in the jar plus I added a big helping of Crushed Red Pepper flakes too, both combo added a bit of zin zip to the taste buds.   The additional Garlic really helped too, like double Garlic from the last batch.

Overall a great Pickle I shall call my “Rusty Zappers”.

You can not enjoy a Great Pickle without a sandwich, the two just go together.  My sand of choice for today on testing this pickle was one of my favorite’s.  My version of an American Classic, the Grilled Cheese.

Start with Real Oregon Medium aged Tillamook Cheddar sliced off the big block about 1/8 inch thick, this is the only cheddar, nothing less will do.  Combo this with red ripe fresh tomatoes sliced thin, all put on fresh baked hard crust Artisan style bread, your ready to pan grill.   I use margin not butter, as margin has a higher temperature for frying than butter and will not burn, plus makes a nice crispy crust on the bread bottom as it frys too.

Start by cutting a few 1/8 inch pat’s of margin off a stick or a small splat in your spoon, put this on one side of the bread you are putting face down in a frying pan, the pan is not on the burner yet, this is done off the stove.  Assemble the sandwich in the fry pan, margin pats [4] on the bottom, bread, sliced cheese, sliced tomatoes on top.   Now add a lid to the fry pan, add medium heat.  Notice I did not include the top bread slice yet.  Fry for a few minutes, the cheese will start to melt, all the while checking the bottom, till golden brown.  You may have to add a half pat of margin to each side of the bread while frying, to continue the fry process, remember low medium heat, or you will burn your bread bottom.   Once golden brown, remove lid, add the second top bread slice, add pats of margin to the top of this sliced bread and carefully “flip” over, now repeat the frying process, add lid cover again, watch the bread, check it till golden brown, remove from heat, put on plate, cut in half… and add my Rusty Zappers to the plate, this is my version of a great Lunch !!   Enjoy.

Here are a few photos of today’s treat, to get my Pickle recipe see blog post below, and add more garlic & plenty of Red Chinese Peppers !!
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