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Mango Deserts @ Hong Kong’s “Hui Lau Shan”


Continued parts of my blog post on “48hr Photography Tour of must see n eat Hong Kong” 


This is one of Hong Kong gems to find during your stay in this city, a must try experience.  Hui Lau Shan is a Desert Place for all things “MANGO”.  Everything is based around the Mango, smoothies, drinks with chunks of Mango, Ice Cream Sorbet and crepes filled with, you can guess, Mango Cream.

This Hong Kong based restaurant is now franchised all over the world, mostly in Asian communities, the USA has one in San Francisco but I can see this in many many malls opening soon.  Just a plain simple menu with good eats, what more can we say.

The Hong Kong experience will not be complete without at least one Mango inspired drink mixology of things to put into a plastic cup.  Ordering is easy with the wait staff as there is no language barrier, remember everyone in Hong Kong speaks English, easy to have them sort of explain in a mango language the drinks and deserts offered.

My question to my cute bouncy Asian girl that came to the table to ask for the selections, was what is a favourite on the menu, besides a drink of course, she pointed to this square thing, see photo below said it is the best she loved it and all her friends eat them too.  So, without hesitation I ordered one of them too, along with her recommended Mango Drink of the “day” special.

The photos do not tell the entire story.  Take a look a the big or shall I say half inch wide BIG Straw, it is for a reason.  To suck up the chunks of Mango inside your drink, get a slurp of juice of some type, along with a few chunky parts of Mango, just just awesome mixed drink.

My little square arrived to my table, hum?   Poking at it a bit, crepe filled thing of a bob, hum again to myself.   Cut into it, see the photo below to reveal a tenter moist all most ricotta cream filling with, none less Mango bits, all wrapped in a perfectly fresh crepe blanket with a touch of chocolate sauce on the side,, am I aloud to say just freking awesome, one more time, a real awesome desert.  Got to try, must have while your in Hong Kong.  Easy to order, just point to it on the full colour menu pad at every table, one of these thing a ma bobs, please.


Here are a few more images from my Mango Experience, not the last image of the bill, very cheap, a few dollars US, and yes that is my empty plate, you can judge for yourself if it was good?  



To start with here is the web site and Facebook links, check this out for seeing additional desert ideas to try on the menu.  Plenty of fruity things to make anyone order several things just to try.

To find the location, if you can not find one then please go to the front of the class, turn in your Travel ID Card and Photographers Licence, you are not a seasoned do it yourself traveler.

ASK ANYONE ON THE STREET:  They speak English, as this Restaurant Cafe has so many locations, one is bound to be within walking distance no matter where your at in Hong Kong, OK !!

Now enjoy your Mango Surprise desert.

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