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“Pad Thai Stir Fry” Soft Rice Noodles with Prawns in Tamarind Sauce


Hello this is Russell with todays lesson on making the absolute best Pad Thai creation your taste buds will ever experience.  This is the recipe shared with me from a famous Thai Chef, pay attention to the details as that is the secret to this dish along with presentation on the plate.  You will WOW !! your friend and family with this one, trust me. This Signature Recipe is for my daughter Natalie Ann, her husband KEVIN, the real cook in the family to enjoy cooking as I share this dish for the two of you !! 

The skills are all in the methods of stir fry and prep of the ingredients I have outlined each item along with a set of images “as cooked” progress to help with the visual in learning the techniques of making an true Thailand favourite Pad Thai.  I have selected the most common item used in a typical Pad Thai served in Thailand,  shrimp or prawns as the region calls them.   You may sub out skinned dark meat chicken cut into bite size chucks or pork  cut into small bit size instead of shrimp. * see my cooking note if not shrimps used.

Traditional Pad Thai has roasted peanuts cooked with the stir fry, allergic to nuts you may try sub out Cashews as they are a fruit grown on a tree, not a nut. You will get the same crunch results as chopped peanuts.

Ready to start cooking this Thailand Signature dish Stir Fry PAD THAI with Prawns in soft rice noodles and Tamarind Sauce as in the photos above, this is my dish I cooked, take a close look as I will teach you to make this exact same dish.


this is for one portion, you may double recipe as per the number of guest, repeat again double recipe for more guest

4 to 5 Prawns or shrimp size is Jumbo 20-25 count per pound are about the right size. Shelled and deveined

80 grams Thai rice noodles. This is thumb and forefinger together form circle for amount of dry noodles +/- is OK. Medium noodles used, not the wide ones. [soak in cool water 20-30 minutes]

1 cup of water ready

1 farm fresh egg

1/2 cup bean sprouts. remove the tip of each sprout only the shaft is used [soak in cool water for 10 minutes]  reserve a few for garnish top off your plate.

2 tablespoons roasted peanuts [no salt] chopped large chunks, not a fine chop

1 tablespoon dried small shrimps

1 tablespoon palm sugar [sub-dark brown sugar]

1 tablespoon fish sauce

2 tablespoons tamarind paste

1 teaspoon minced garlic

2 tablespoons chives cut into 1.5 inch length [sub-green onion top]

1/4 cup soya bean curd cut into small pieces see photo for size [Tofu is another name, package says “Hard Yellow Tofu”]

2 tablespoons fine chopped Pickled White Radish [see photo for what this looks like] aka Chinese Daikon Radish pickled in a bag or jar will work.

4 to 5 tablespoons of cooking oil [no olive oil] soy or corn is just fine

1 teaspoon red pepper flakes [crushed red peppers are the same, put on pizza in the states]

1/2 fresh Persian or Tahiti lime for juice. These have no seeds easy to squeeze. My photo shows a variety of a Thai lime only found in Thailand given for information only, very sour too, Tahiti lime is just fine.

Garnish after cooking is a few raw bean sprouts, chives & lime juice.



1 deep side 10 inch fry pan non-stick is great

1 wooden spoon

1 spatula to flip n stir

Serving dish ready, as when finished cooking get it out of the fry pan.

Ready to start cooking you can start the prep while I’m in the cooler looking for another can of Chang Thailand beer, hum, there is one, ok we are now ready to start. 

To start off cooking any “stir fry” first you need to get yourself organized.  Stir Fry is fast, you will not have time to measure or chop anything while cooking ALL prep has to be completed prior to  putting the pan on the fire.  Get a set of small bowls, small cups, plates out ready to measure everything out, prepared to cook.

The item is in Thai cooking a stir fry can be cooked on a normal stove stop, you do not need a “blow torch” WOK cooker, a deep side non-stick fry pan [see photo] will work just fine, this is not a lesson is Chinese Torch Fire Wok, let them cook with 3000 degree heat, not necessary for our lesson today.

Prep Table contains the following items:

80 grams of pre-soaked rice noodles sitting in small bowl ready to use

1 measuring cup of water for cooking the noodles ready to pour

4-5 shrimp-prawns

1 egg now cracked in a bowl easy to not break the yoke

1/2 cup of bean sprouts take out of chilled water now ready to use

2 tablespoons of roasted peanuts chopped into chunks

1 tablespoon of dried shrimps

1 small bowl combine fish sauce, tamarind paste and palm sugar, mush mix, mix set aside for now

1 teaspoon minced garlic

2 teaspoons of chives [green onion tops] these are for cooking another set is for the garnish

1/4 cup of Tofu curd cut up

2 tablespoons minced pickled white radish

4-5 tablespoons of vegetable oil

1 teaspoon of crushed red chile peppers

1 lime cut in half ready to squeeze, a few bean sprouts and chives all ready for the garnish topping

Your prep table should look like this, note the photos of the other items to see what they look like prep and ready to stir fry.


The above photos will show you the prep items, here is a list of the images shown in order:   Prep table with everything in one spot ready, tofu package & sliced up prep, shrimp-prawns to get an idea of the size, pickled white radish in a bowl and the bag, noodles soaked ready and the dry noodles in a package, green onion prep, bean sprouts ready, egg, dry shrimps, minced garlic, jars are plam sugar cubes, tamarind sauce, fish sauce, tamarind paste [either is fine], all three ingredients for sauce mix, oil, fish sauce again, tamarind sauce bottle, peanuts, Thailand bumpy Lime, fry pan, spoon, cup of water all ready to start cooking.


1. Medium heat wok up with a little oil wait 20 seconds, add minced garlic till light brown.

2. now add pickled white radish, tofu curds and dried shrimp, stir for 10 seconds mix with garlic

3. add the shrimp-prawns cook for 20 -30 seconds more cook both sides of the shrimps, move to one side of the pan, leaving one side clear opposite side of the handle

4. now tilt pan as to make this side that is clear on the heat [see photo]

5. add the noodles and pour about a half cup of water on the noodles to start cooking them all while holding the pan at a slight tilt  to keep the water & noodles on one down side of the pan [see photos]

6. add more water as needed to continue cooking the noodles, may take 3 to 4 minutes, test a noodle to be over a bit past a ‘al dente” , cooked till tender not firm, pull one noodle spin on a fork out of the pile to test.

7. Noodles are cooked ready now add the sauce mix seasoning, stir and  stir more continue to stir  fry until well mixed, noodles with the other items in the pan, everything is mixed now cooking.

8. with your wooden spoon move the stir fry to create a hole in the centre of the pan, a spot where you can see the pan add one tablespoon of oil, wait 5 seconds, then carefully add the egg to the centre of the pan making sure not to break the yoke.

9. Cook the egg white till bubble see the many photos below, cook the egg white until it is no longer clear, now carefully take your wooden spoon and break the yoke and spread out the yellow yoke all around the top of the white part of the egg, continue to cook for another 15 to 20 seconds.

10. Take your spatula and now flip the entire fried egg over into the centre of the pan, continue to cook the other side of the egg now yoke down hard, for 10-15 seconds,

11. take your spoon and mix this cooked egg into small bits mix and mix more stir frying now mixing everything together, continue to stir, all the noodles are coated with sauce n bits of egg

12. add the chives [green onion], roasted chopped peanuts, bean sprouts and mix stir, stir more,

13. now add the red chile flakes [pepper flakes] into the stir fry, carefully to spread them out all over the entire pan, do not dump them in one spot, sprinkle around,

14. continue to stir for another ten seconds


Plate your dish and then add the garnish to the top.

Squeeze the lime juice on top, add a few more raw bean sprouts, and raw chives for that eye appeal, as we all eat with our eyes !!

Enjoy, you have just make Rusty’s famous Pad Thai, enjoy and please e-mail and share this recipe with your family and friends, unless you do not want them to know your new secret Pad Thai, I will understand.

here are the cooking images to get a feel for how to stir fry this dish, photography says a thousand words, this stir fry once you make it, will be easy the next time, it is a nice tasting dish and easy to make at home.



This is served with a dish of white rice on the side.  The one item I leaned here in Thailand is all the best people who cook love their rice.  Thailand grows a lot of rice, so do the rich n famous eat it, not really.  The best rice comes from Japan extra fancy with California Sacramento Valley as a close second.  These two rice are excellent, found the same answer many times asking the chef what rice does he cook for himself or herself, the answer is alway Japan.  The local grocery store sells Japan rice you only need to look for it, actually after living in Thailand for a while, there is a difference, in quality and taste of the rice.  You just finished a class A Stir Fry Dish, serve the best side dish of rice available, from Japan.   Street food in Thailand you will get “food” cooked into a stir fry of some type, includes a bowl of rice local for less than a dollar, you get what you pay for.  Nice upscale restaurant in the city with a real chef you will get real food.


Send me a photo of your creations to share glad to hear from anyone with a cooking story too.

* cooking note if your not using shrimp or prawns on this Pad Thai.  Shrimp is the Traditional item, you may sub out chicken or pork cut into bit size pieces.  Stir fry this meat prior to starting to cooking the garlic in the pan, cook the meat till brown both side, then bank the meat to one end of the pan, tilt pan up, add a bit of oil, then add garlic and follow recipe as above from garlic forward, you need to cook the meat first to brown.  The shrimp -prawns will easy cook during the entire cooking process, they do not need to be pre-cook like a meat item.


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