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Expat Colombian Patio Breakfast

I know your all interested in what I eat for my morning wake-up call, yes it starts with fresh brewed coffee.   I do not have the advantage like you driving to a local Starbucks on my way as found on every corner of America, I have to make my own.  More on these coffee brewing steps and a traditional egg breakfast my way, another blog post soon.

Today enjoy the image’s of my mornings on the patio with the slider glass wall opened to a view of the morning green mountains with a slight mist cloud covering the tops, is my mornings of sunshine facing south in this valley called Medellin.   5,000 feet up in the Andes mountains, cool mornings awake the chickens & rooster in the farm next door, crowing at dawn break, my day starts.

Fresh brewed Colombian Coffee, is there any other kind?   Today coffee is from Hulia Colombia a medium roast, the aroma of the beans is just awesome to peek open the eyes !!

Italian baker, only one in all of Medellin, I pick-up a long loaf or two every week, my favorite a classic rustic hard crusted Ciabatta bread.   Cut into a small chuck, sliced in two then toasted to lite brown, crusty on the edge.   Buttered with my favorite premium local farm fresh real butter.  see photo

Red Raspberry Jam:  Only the best will do,  as I found a local store that now carries Smuckers, yip form USA imported Red Raspberry Jam.  Not to be out done, but the local French supermarket has shipments of odd Europe & French items in the store at ridiculous low prices, more on this at another blog post, well maybe a hint, they have Bordeaux French Cabernet  wine or Cotes du Rhone Champagne for $4 bucks a bottle, no joke, but more on to the “Jam”, they import a Framboises Confiture Extra, this is short in French for Red Raspberry Jam, out of this earth great, except as only found in Paris itself, out of the Jar Pari e , in one close your eyes moment taken back to a sidewalk cafe in Paris, yum I can smell the espresso now.  OK OK, I got carried away.

Fresh Fruit of some fashion, plenty of the 100+ varieties here, if that were not enough they import too… way too many items, California cantaloup variety of seeds are grown locally, I like mine cut into bit size as in the photo.

Apple or Orange Juice, sometimes fresh squeezed OJ from my own kitchen,, awesome that they have a dozen different types of sweet oranges grown here locally.

Bottle Water, good old Coca Cola company makes purified bottles of water, just cause I like it, taste great .The water here is safe, but I prefer the purified one’s better, chilled.

You may note my thermos on the table, I keep my coffee hot, pouring small cups are fine, one at a time till finished.   Enjoy !!

Welcome to Colombia, my way !!
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Homemade fresh Kosher Dill Pickles Recipe

Hello out there in PICKLE WORLD.   This is an update to my Rusty’s Homemade Fresh Kosher Dill Pickles recipe along with an update on the “How to Make Pickles” basic recipe.

Photography tells the story best, you will see dry ingredients on the bottom fresh kirby cucumbers packed with fresh dill , red peppers & garlic on the top & sides, then what your kosher pickles will look like right after adding water+vinegar mixture and finally image is after only 20+ hours out on the counter after a upside down shake prior to cure into refrigeration for 2 weeks, note the color change from bright fresh green to a shade more looking like a pickle only a few hours old.

Photos help show you what to expect  in making your own Kosher Fresh Dill Pickles !!  Bottom photo shows bulk crushed red peppers on the left and mixed red-white-black pepper corns on the right, both purchased from Costco spice section.  Other spices used in this receipt are available in bulk from any restaurant supply store.  Fresh dill maybe a challenge to find at your local grocery, so try the ethic style markets like Mother Earth or similar or an Iranian market as this is a part of every Eastern Europe meal, they will have it fresh in the produce section.

Your e-mails were welcome, thank you, glad a few of you have made these Kosher Fresh Dills, Rusty’s Zappers at your home.  I will explain a little more in detail what to do.  The photos here in this post will show what they look like in the JAR, right after packing.  Note all the spices on the bottom and the fact I placed a few Chinese Red Peppers on the sides along with garlic cloves, mix them into the stack as you add your cucumbers to the jar.  Look closely at the photos.   Then the last image is what they should look like after one day sitting out on the counter overnight prior to putting them into the refrigerator for a minimum 2 week for the flavor process to work, turning your lovely green objects into Rusty’s Zappers.

The fresh jars packed with all the spices on the bottom of the jar, you have added the water+vinegar mixture & capped the jars.   Leave out on the counter for one day overnight.  The next morning carefully turn the jar upside down, give a shake to mix any of the spices on bottom of the jar, shake side to side, while holding the jar upside down.  You will see the spices start to go into the middle of the jar around the cukes, great job, see the third photo in this post set of a “mixed” jar.  Now put a date to eat on the top of the jar, place in the back part of your refrigerator as not to be tempted to open early,, wait wait wait a full two week prior to opening !!

Rusty’s Hot Zappers modified KOSHER PICKLES Homemade fresh pickles recipe.

1 glass 1/2 gallon jar with lid.  Wide mouth is best for easy packing in cukes.  Washed with soap HOT water, rinse real good, clean, then cool & dry inside.

Put in bottom of jar the following items dry

1+ tablespoon sugar white

1 + big tablespoon  salt Kosher

1 tb pepper corns whole black

1 tb pepper corns mixed white & red whole

1 tb mustard seeds whole

1 tb crushed red peppers [they look like the one’s you get with your pizza]

2-3 red Chinese hot Peppers “dry”  whole toss them in

1 large bulb of garlic [entire bulb= is like 8-10 cloves] peel & cut each clove in half , toss in jar

1/2 medium onion peeled [yea I know seems stupid, “peeled”  but you would be surprised !! at the comments I got]  chopped & cross cut in small chunks

Dill fresh !!   Pull a few sprigs off the stem, like a small hand full [1/2 cup], put in bottom of jar


Washed green ripe firm small Kirby Cucumbers ready to pack, small ones I leave whole.  small = 3 inches long 1.5 inch round.  Bigger longer you may wish to cut in half.

1 more Bulb Garlic, cloves cut in half, ready to place in jar as you pack cukes

3-5 Red Chinese Peppers

Dill Fresh sprigs pulled from stems ready [washed under cool water ? correct but I did not have to tell you that, right?]

Putting them into the jar packing the cukes in evenly in layers pushing them in is OK pack them in there.  Now as you pack these on top of the dry ingredients place garlic cloves sliced in half along with a red Chinese pepper here n there into the mix as you pack up to the top of the jar, mix a few cloves garlic & red pepper as you pack to the top.

Finish your packing of cukes as your now are at the top of the jar.  Place a few cloves of garlic, a red pepper or two plus a big bunch of fresh dill on the top of the open jar.  See photos.


1 cup + 1 cup = mix 50/50 plain cool tap water with plain white vinegar in a sauce pan.  Heat mixture till a first boil, turn off, take off range, let it sit for a few minutes to warm.

2 cups should be plenty to fill your 1/2 gallon jar, if you wish make it  1.5 cups each water is cheap.

Put your jar or jars into the sink, you will see why in the next step.

Pour warm mix over over the cukes filling the jars to over flowing, just a little.    Wait 3 to 5 minutes before putting on the cap, mix to cool, then cap hand tight !!

Set on counter out of direct sunlight over night about 20+ hours, prior to, the next day shake upside down and  refrigeration.

Your comments on this process is appreciated.

HOT HOT PICKLES WITH A SNAP,   Your taste may differ, add a few less RED Peppers to reduce the heat… the additional Garlic is a must !!   Enjoy

Last item:  Why am I making Pickles was a question:

They are not available at any store where I am living in South America, none !!  No fresh Koshers of any kind.  How on earth can you have a sandwich without a pickle??  These are easy to make it is from my fathers [Herbert]  recipe book from his father brought here from Europe back in the 1860’s, yip a long time ago, but greatness does not change.  My version of this is addition of a little more HOT spice, warm em up a bit, with both crushed & Chinese RED peppers, other than this minor chance this is the basic 150+ year old recipe.
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Kosher Pickles with cheddar grilled cheese & tomato sandwich

This is my blog update on making Real Kosher Pickles.  They were ready for taste testing and nothing beats a Tillamook Cheddar Cheese Grilled with ripe tomatoes on a great artisan style bread to go along with fresh made Kosher Pickle !!

First the Pickles:   I decided to make them my way which is a bit on the zesty side with a, after first bite, you get that WOW! effect in your mouth, hum, a bit of a bite back hot from the dry Chinese Red Peppers I put in the jar plus I added a big helping of Crushed Red Pepper flakes too, both combo added a bit of zin zip to the taste buds.   The additional Garlic really helped too, like double Garlic from the last batch.

Overall a great Pickle I shall call my “Rusty Zappers”.

You can not enjoy a Great Pickle without a sandwich, the two just go together.  My sand of choice for today on testing this pickle was one of my favorite’s.  My version of an American Classic, the Grilled Cheese.

Start with Real Oregon Medium aged Tillamook Cheddar sliced off the big block about 1/8 inch thick, this is the only cheddar, nothing less will do.  Combo this with red ripe fresh tomatoes sliced thin, all put on fresh baked hard crust Artisan style bread, your ready to pan grill.   I use margin not butter, as margin has a higher temperature for frying than butter and will not burn, plus makes a nice crispy crust on the bread bottom as it frys too.

Start by cutting a few 1/8 inch pat’s of margin off a stick or a small splat in your spoon, put this on one side of the bread you are putting face down in a frying pan, the pan is not on the burner yet, this is done off the stove.  Assemble the sandwich in the fry pan, margin pats [4] on the bottom, bread, sliced cheese, sliced tomatoes on top.   Now add a lid to the fry pan, add medium heat.  Notice I did not include the top bread slice yet.  Fry for a few minutes, the cheese will start to melt, all the while checking the bottom, till golden brown.  You may have to add a half pat of margin to each side of the bread while frying, to continue the fry process, remember low medium heat, or you will burn your bread bottom.   Once golden brown, remove lid, add the second top bread slice, add pats of margin to the top of this sliced bread and carefully “flip” over, now repeat the frying process, add lid cover again, watch the bread, check it till golden brown, remove from heat, put on plate, cut in half… and add my Rusty Zappers to the plate, this is my version of a great Lunch !!   Enjoy.

Here are a few photos of today’s treat, to get my Pickle recipe see blog post below, and add more garlic & plenty of Red Chinese Peppers !!
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How to make deli Kosher Pickles at home

Hello fellow travelers I am in the land of Colombia South America.  The item came up that this place has no PICKLES, none, they don’t eat em, so they do not make them.  You can not even find them in the local markets, except a speciality store, then for a jar of Claussen spears was like $17. dollar US, Yikes, no thank you.

Back to the original subject line, HOW TO MAKE DELI KOSHER PICKLES AT HOME, the easy Rusty Way.

You can follow the images in this blog too, to see what I used is helpful,  but here are the steps to make a batch that will last up to a year in your refrigerator, each week getting a little better flavor.  Yield is one Quart so on the ingredients  multiply it as needed for each jar you are making.  You can use any container safe for food, tuperware with snap on lid or similar plastic container, you do not need canning jars.  My photos show plastic container with red snap on lid.

4 to 6 small Kirby Cukes washed clean ready

Now: Put these things into the bottom of the container dry

1/4 tb Sugar white

1 big tb Kosher Salt

1 Large Clove of Garlic peeled  [ a second clove goes on top, see photos]

1/2 medium onion chopped small

bunch of fresh dill + stems a small handfull

1 tb black pepper corns

1 tb mixed pepper corns [see photo] reds & white mixed

1 tb mustard seeds

1/2 tb to 1/4 red crushed chile or one small dry red Serrano chile as to your taste optional


Kirby cukes cut into quarters and fill the jars, press them in on top of the dry, [see photos]

Put another bunch of fresh dill & the second clove of garlic on top [ see photos]


Small sauce pan, mix together

I cup of white vinegar  [some people say apple cider vinegar, but the end results are the same]

2 cups tap water cool

Warm together the three cups of liquid to a start of the boil, remove from heat.  Then pour the warm mix over the cukes till the jars are over full.  3 cups should fill two quart jars.

Cap the jar’s, leave out overnight on the counter, 24 hours.  Next morning turn upside down and give a gentle shake holding in your hands the jar to stir up the content on the bottom, making sure all the salt & sugar are de solved, leave out for another few hours.   Then put into the refrigerator, 12 to 14 days, longer they stay the more flavor they will develop.  14 days they are ready to eat, enjoy.  They will keep in the fridge for up to a year !!  But I do not think they will last that long,,, as these are not cooked or pasteurized refrigeration is necessary.

This is an old family recipe from my dad, Herbert who I understand got it from his dad who brought it from England around 1860.  This is the same style of Kosher Claussen they make in New York, you find in the refer deli section of your local market in the USA.  Enjoy !!
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Colombian Patio Coffee Bird

Hello for a travel note, I am in Medellin Colombia South America at this moment, looking for an apartment here in Medellin to stay a bit longer, great city.

I have this “BIRD” that visit’s me on the patio for the last two days, not being un-packed hence no camera ready.  Today, with my cup of coffee, bird, camera, sunshine all came together.  I am not a bird watcher, but this was unusual to see tropical birds in the wild, why not, not a daily occurrence in California.

I tried to look this bird up on different web sites prior to this post, could not find, so any bird experts out there, what is it?  I will update this post.  Special note, check out the long “V” tail.