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Photography Gear we Recommend

the photography gear we use..



MODEL RELEASE:  Please get the APP “Easy Release” for your iPad or iMini for model release.  This APP is accepted by all stock photography companies electronically directly from the app.   iTunes direct link click here.

VIDEO CLAPBOARD SLATE:  Video of the models is available on a limited basis as time permits, please let staff know what you wish to accomplish or story board for your video capture.  The APP for slate ClapBoard of the video we use is TIZA DLSR Slate.  This is one of the best we have found made especially for DSLR shooting.   Companies direct link click here.   Cost $1.99 is not priced high like the others due to being made at costs to everyone by a UK film production company who wanted a perfect Clapboard for their DSLR productions, now available to everyone.

NIGHT SKY PHOTOGRAPHY:   We use this APP called STAR WALK “Astronomy Guide for finding the stars exact placement at night and the path.  Great tool, this APP can be found by click here. 

TIME LAPSE books and programs for LightRoom 5.   We use LR Timelapse software from Gunther, a truly great guy who made this program for all of us. Easy to make time lapse now in LR 5 with his software.  Grab both his new book release and the software, click here.    We have SYRP Genie Time Lapse controller and moving track with dolly system for your use.  Genie web site click here.


1. DSLR Camera, we are shooting with DSLR, this is not really a tour for film cameras. We are Canon shooters, but Nikon and others are welcome we have support for most everyone, including the new Sony a7R gear too.

2. Small flash units.  Canon 580EX III or similar from China PLUS a triggers, Radio Poppers for TTL, Pocket Wizards for manual. The build in triggers use infrared technology just does not work well in sunshine, please bring triggers for your flash units.  We shoot with off camera fill flash not reflectors.  Bring your own off camera flash units you wish to use on location.  We are Canon shooters, however do have a few Nikon guys around too for help.

3. Small Tripod.  I may suggest any smaller light weight tripod as you will be carrying this around.  I use a Manfronto O55X model.  purchase click here

4. More memory cards  click here  and extra batteries for all your gear.

5. Notebook computer with portable USB 1T hard drive.  We use Apple MacBook Pro as our go to travel computer.

6. Lightroom 5 form Adobe software  [we will give a short workshop using LR5 for tips n tricks]

7. Small backpack or messenger bag for camera gear.  I use a Canon small photo pak holds everything for a day shoot.  click here to purchase $39 bucks or Google search for more ideas

8. Your ID laminated in plastic.  I take a photo copy of my passport page in full colour, trim to size, then laminated at office depot or office max into a small fit in your pocket ID.  Put your Passport away while on holiday, carry this water proof copy of your passport as ID with you.  This makes it easy for the paramedics to ID you when you wash up on shore after swimming, only joking of course.

9. Travel insurance is a “must” have from a reliable company for our tour.  You must have some type of health travel insurance.  Take a look at this company as they offer many different plans from basic medical care to private jet back to your home country.

10. Your Photography Gear Insurance incase of loss join PPA to get a Photographers policy.   click here for information


Russell Freeman on Google+!