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San Clemente Pier Yellow Flag Storm Warning

To start off my new 2011 Collection of California Piers, I started close to OC in San Clemente.  Main reason we have a business license for this city plus a real city “Film Permit” to shoot on the pier, beach with no fear, there will be no Gorilla photo shoots here, we are legal to set up our tripods, gear without fear.   Winter storm was here so why not, see what is there, at the pier that is.   Packed the Ford with gear, for a 20 minute drive south.    Over the next three evenings this was the best of our capture.  The first day, I did not even get out of the car, too much winter for me, the next eve was a Yellow Flag day, surf warning storm coming, I did capture the lifeguard tower classic shot [see below] and the last evening I wanted the low tide evening Long View of the pier, the whole enchilada plus a palm tree or two in the image would give that California feel, I think we got em.

The best images for evening pier absent of a once a year in the right place right time,  red sky sunset, our capture is best rendered in black and white or variation of B&W, in a slight mocha with highlights.  One color image in the full Long View was produced, but it is more of a tourist shot that wall art, maybe someone will buy it? Like it call me.   My personal fav is the lifeguard tower, flags blowing, red jeep ready, a classic down the wood pier photo, enjoy.   All images are for sale as screen savers, or printed on canvas, just ask.