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Thailand beach front cafe Lunch “Pork Fried Rice” $1.87 meal

Ban Chang Beach front Thailand cafe meal $1.87

This to me is paradise living on the beach at my Resort, relax with the pool or take a walk on the beach.  This beach front cafe is next door, offer a complete Thai menu all at very reasonable prices.  The meal shown above is $.60 baht, or about $1.87 US dollars.

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Hearty lunch meal, my choice today was Pork Fried Rice, comes with a few onion sticks and sliced cucumbers plus “HOT” sauce made from Thai red chile peppers, if you dare, good spicy hot.  I eat it !

The beer is cheap too, a ice cold over sized 630 millilitre bottle, 6% beer in the grocery supermarket cost about $.45 baht [$1.40 us] but this is two beers in one big bottle ! !   At a restaurant expect to pay $.60 baht.

Why Thailand ?

1. Rental for a beach front resort suite $ 219. a month

2. Food at a local cafe with beer about three bucks

3. Transportation is my new Honda Scooter, rental $88. dollars a month

What else do you need?