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Thailand farmers market

Thailand farmers markets in every village

The farmers markets are all over Thailand as a stable and additional source for fresh produce, fresh sea foods of assorted fish, squid and other sea creatures. The adjoining farmers market will have local merchants setting up stands selling everything from shoes to tee shirts and socks.  You name it, and it is here, including the elephant too.    [click on the full screen icon right corner of the slide show, to see images full screen]

The stalls sell both fresh products but also an assortment of cooked ready to eat or packaged to take home for your evening meal or next day meal.  BBQ pork on a stick, as shown in the images is my favourite only ten baht [thirty cents us].  Make a meal with rice out of two or three of them, all less than a dollar with rice.

No matter where you are at in Thailand, the city Bangkok or the beach village where these images were taken, Ban Chang, all the farmers outdoor markets are the exact same, some a little bigger, some smaller, but all have basic the same produce, cooked foods and merchant stalls.

Yes, the Elephant, is there for children to feed sugar cane sticks to, interesting side stall, had to take a image, ten baht for a bag of sugar cane.

Hope to see you soon in Thailand.   Rusty